Partner Spotlight: Bent Spoke Outreach

Bent Spoke is a local, intuitive based bicycle and trailer service team focused on the needs in Eugene. They strive to demonstrate compassion, patience, curiosity and usefulness. They are one of our first pilot program partners and we hope to support their journey to becoming the first microenterprise incubated at the Sandbox.


Bent Spoke started in January 2021. They focused on riding long the area bike paths and local parks looking for folks to help. They distribute food, hot and cold beverages, blankets, tents, sleeping bags, tarps, pet food, clothing, shoes, hand warmers, hygiene products, batteries and socks. They have since ridden over 2,000 miles, distributed over 4,800 sandwiches, 1,000 + blankets and much more.

Over the last four months, their service spectrum has grown. They provide information for local resources and assist individuals reaching for those services through any means appropriate. They assisted in camp re-locations, and provide transportation of people’s belongings when they find placement in housing or services. Bent Spoke is currently distributing over 500 meals a week to hard-to-reach camps throughout the community.

Bent Spoke remained consistent by following through with requests if solutions were possible and managed to build a strong level of trust with many sleeping in less than desirable conditions.

Bent Spoke rides in tandem 3.5 times a week. Their path covers 20 + miles and takes roughly six hours. They average 45-50 contacts a night. On the “off days” they travel 20+ miles delivering requested items and/or assisting in situations that take longer amounts of time.

How it All Started

Regeneristas first met Bent Spoke at a community bbq at the Unitarian church parking lot held for the 13th Street and Chambers camp.

Thomas has joined them in an outreach ride every week since that first day.

In May 2021, they agreed to join the team and are helping to develop our Transportation Pilot, slated to last 12-months.

In July we are looking forward to adding our next program participant, Sean!